Masta Andrew & his Magic School Kayak

We all made our way to the beach and waited for our guest to arrive. In the distance a school of tuna were in a feeding frenzy, we could see the rapid paddle strokes from the fishermen on the nearby canoes trying to get to the action.

Still no sign of Andrew our guest for the night. We looked out to the horizon, the suns rays blazing making our eyes water. Then we saw him. A silhouette in the distance heading straight for us. After 10 long hours of Kayaking straight across Kimbe Bay from Walindi Plantation Resort he had finally reached us at Kwalakesi Village, his first stop over for the night.

Andrew is on a Kayaking Adventure of a different kind as i later found out.  He is a teacher with Expedition Class, an online adventure learning program.  He reminded me a little of Ms Frizzle from the Magic School Bus taking the children on adventures thru his online Live updates. His latest lesson is Volcanoes!! and what a better way than kayaking from the West to the East of of New Britain…the Island of Volcanoes.

I watched him pack his kayak the next morning thinking to myself how awesome is this adventure all in the name of education! I don’t remember school being this fun. I could imagine the looks on the villagers faces as they discover him setting  up camp on their beach for the night, the excitement in their eyes, wanting to know who he was and what he was doing and where on earth he was going.  I could imaging the children swimming at the beach running up to the village to notify the elders of this man on a funny looking canoe, the story about the “masta” (white )man kayaking from Kimbe to Rabaul on the Island of New Britain is one that will not die around the village camp fires any time soon……….what an adventure!









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