A day like any other day…….

Mother set out the fishing net, hoping for fish for dinner as her daughter tried to balance herself on the slippery rocks, she throws her line into the calm ocean. Her dark coloured skin painted orange but it only lasted as long as the sunset, her eyes lit up with excitement as she tugged on her fishing line, a bite from a fish. Unlucky she was that day but lucky forever for having such a beautiful place to call home. This is normal for her, the sunset her young eyes have witnessed many….it was just another day …like any other day….


women checking net

woman checkingnet

woman setting out net



Trhowing in line

pulling it in

girl fishing.jpg2 girl & canoe


6 thoughts on “A day like any other day…….

  1. Know-All says:

    Awesome photographs! I was always curious to know about Papua New Guinea because of its uniqueness…Your blog is “just what the doctor ordered” 🙂

  2. Dorcas Emmanuel says:

    Loving your stories and photographs, you inspire me to do what i can do, its never too late to pic a camera up and try. ❤ ❤

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