~ the Sunshine & the Rain ~

All of a sudden there was joyful singing from the birds, the rain had stopped. All the flowers were in full bloom, looking very attractive and exploding with sweet nectar waiting to be suckled. The butterflies flew gracefully from flower to flower while the lizards and Geckos scurried below the rotting foliage.  A song was being sung, a song which once you witness who sings it, you will never forget. There on the Pink heliconia sat a little yellow bird singing to its heart’s content. A burst of sunshine broke thru the clouds and the joyful little bird sang louder. The last of the rain drops on the taro leaves were being sucked up by the warmth of the sun…… but it was all in vain. The quiet ocean roared once again and the wind howled, the leaves in the trees ruffled and swayed in protest. The butterflies disappeared as the lizards and Geckos scampered back to their hiding places and the little yellow bird stopped singing. The sunshine was once again overcome by the rain.




spider good copy

side view butterfly



yellow bird


6 thoughts on “~ the Sunshine & the Rain ~

  1. Susan Zilberstein says:

    Really lovely pics Annette. I especially like the little spider on the spider lily…nice soft focus and depth of field!

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